Florida Blue Key vs. Burning Spear

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Florida Blue Key Honor Society and Burning Spear are two societies  at the University of Florida and at Florida State University respectively that have earned a rank among secret societies around the U.S. From the Machine at Alabama to Skulls and Bones at Yale, these secret societies usually have movements going on in student government, and even at times at the state and local level. There is very little information documenting the growth of Burning Spear or its history. However, FBK has left an extensive paper trail online and in newspapers. Mostly, The Independent Florida Alligator and at times the Fine Print haven been covering FBK for a while. At times, there were also blogs who covered only SG politics at UF, but they have since disappeared. Here are links to very informative stories:

4/24/2012: Blue Key membership controlled by powerful few

6/29/2011: Unite Party uses ‘system’ to rule

8/25/2010: Price of Apathetic Politics

3/31/2010: Court Docs Tell Story Behind Unite Tapes

2/24/2009: Unite Party benefits from discriminatory power system

2/10/2009: The Keys to Power

2/29/2008: Gator Party corrupted by power

Here are links to financial information found online about FBK:

  1. National Center for Charitable Statistics: You can find tax forms and nonprofit information here.
  2. Sunbiz: You can find filing information and annual reports on FBK here.
  3. Alachua County Public Records: Here you can find all legal disputes that FBK has ben involved in. Also, try searching Charles Grapski to get more information on the Grapski case.