Our Role

Higher education is often viewed as an investment for a brighter future. Amid our country’s economic turmoil, education remains a priority, demonstrated in President Barack Obama’s plan to increase the pell grant awarded to low-income students. That being said, an extensive assessment of higher education institutions is vital to ensure universities are being held open to review and critique.

Although both Florida State University and University of Florida are ranked among U.S. News and World Report’s list of top schools in the nation, UF is considered by most to be the clear front-runner. In our analysis, we took a look at both schools and decided there could be no “best.” The superlative doesn’t exist. Too many factors lend a hand in shaping both institutions, most notably the resources allocated to each. As part of the American Reinvestment Act of 2009, both schools received university federal stimulus dollars. For 2010-2011, UF was awarded a staggering $31,890,021. FSU, on the other hand, received $22,333,758. That’s about a 30 percent discrepancy in funding, a pretty wide gap for two state schools of around the same size.

A side-by-side comparison simply could not account for this and various other factors. It’s easy to beat a rival when the bets are placed in your favor. Whether or not it is the better of the two, the numbers show UF is regarded as the “better investment” when it comes to higher education. Our data seeks to explain:

  • How both student governments use money allocated to them
  • What role do secret organizations at both schools play
  • How many students are enrolled in both schools
  • What is the out-of-state and in-state tuition for both schools
  • What are the costs for on-campus housing facilities
  • How living on campus has its benefits
  • How the crime rate varies between the campuses, but remains higher at FSU
  • How both FSU and UF have taken the same and/or similar safety and protection measures for their campuses
  • The student to faculty ratio between the schools
  • The academic awards granted to UF

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