About Us

 Our mission was to compare the two universities. Therefore, we’ve gathered, examined and analyzed a plethora of data from both UF and FSU, including admissions, test scores, endowments, crime data, financial aid needs met, class sizes, etc. Not only can this website put an end to the rivalry, but it also can be used to determine what school prospective students prefer.

The topics we’ve focused on are admissions, academics, housing, crime and student activities.

 Our Group Members:

-Monivette Cordeiro

-Alexandrea DaCosta

-Jenna Lyons

-Maureen Mariano

-Caitlin Sinett

Please feel free to leave a message below if you have any comments or questions. Thank you for visiting the UF vs. FSU website. We hope it provides you with useful information and helps you determine what school really is best.


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